[WEB SECURITY] Cyberwar in Ukraine

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Fri May 22 14:18:49 EDT 2015

Hello participants of Mailing List.

New information to my previous post about cyberwar in Ukraine.

The results of my work on blocking accounts of terrorists for June-April
in different payment systems and banks. In total there were blocked 208
accounts (http://on.fb.me/1KShHYv).

The results of UCF work for closing sites of terrorists for June-April.
In total there were closed 77 sites (http://on.fb.me/1H1iT81).

The last list of blocked sites of terrorists by UCF

The list of hacked resources of terrorists and Russian government by
Ukrainian Cyber Forces in April (http://on.fb.me/1JZM9yG). The link to
the lists for June-March is in the post.

You can watch my playlists with our video reconnaissance (105 videos on
YouTube) and audio reconnaissance (9 on YouTube and 1 on SoundCloud). Secret
information about war against Ukraine published freely for everyone.

Besides my previous interviews for BBC, The Daily Beast and other media, you
can read my interview for Kyiv Post published at 10.02.2015:
Cyber warrior steps up effort to help in war with Russia

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