[WEB SECURITY] Arachni Framework v1.1 & WebUI v0.5.7 have been released (Web Application Security Scanner)

Tasos Laskos tasos.laskos at gmail.com
Fri May 1 11:18:52 EDT 2015

Hey folks,

There's a new version of Arachni, an Open Source, modular and high-performance
Web Application Security Scanner Framework.

The highlights of this release are:

* More sensible default options.
* Approximately 7-fold performance increase (YMMV depending on webapp characteristics).
* Support for JSON and XML input vectors.
* Overhauled custom-404 detection heuristics (addresses some edge-case false-positives).
* HTTP updates:
  * Kerberos authentication.
  * New options allowing for fine-grained SSL configuration.
* Checks for:
  * DOM-based unvalidated redirects.
  * XML External Entity

For more details about the new release please visit:

Download page:

Homepage           - http://www.arachni-scanner.com
Blog               - http://www.arachni-scanner.com/blog
Documentation      - https://github.com/Arachni/arachni/wiki
Support            - http://support.arachni-scanner.com
GitHub page        - http://github.com/Arachni/arachni
Code Documentation - http://rubydoc.info/github/Arachni/arachni
Author             - Tasos "Zapotek" Laskos (http://twitter.com/Zap0tek)
Twitter            - http://twitter.com/ArachniScanner
Copyright          - 2010-2015 Tasos Laskos
License            - Dual-licensed (Apache License v2/Proprietary)

Tasos Laskos.

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