[WEB SECURITY] Websites potentially prone to be compromised

Emilio Casbas ecasbasj at yahoo.es
Tue Apr 14 05:41:52 EDT 2015

desenmascara.me is a PoC whose goal is: to raise web security awareness among web owners.
For a full reference you can check: http://desenmascara.me/englishThis week an API has been released: http://desenmascara.me/api/howto
One of the most interestings use of the API is: querying URLs prone to be compromisedhttp://desenmascara.me/api/howto#pronetld
In order to have context about the service and the goal of the PoC tool I have written a small post:http://pwnedwebsites.com/websites-prone-to-be-compromised.html


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