[WEB SECURITY] Ukrainian Cyber Forces: reconnaissance

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Thu Oct 23 16:55:40 EDT 2014

Hello participants of Mailing List.

Since 01.03.2014 I was hardly working to resist against information war from
Russia against Ukraine. I work against terrorists web sites, block
terrorists accounts in Electronic Payment Systems and banks and everyday
conduct a lot of operations. Especially after I created Ukrainian Cyber
Forces at the beginning of June.

Among our operations there are video and audio reconnaissance. Since June I
posted a lot of photos and audio recordings related to terrorists in Donetsk
and Luganks regions of Ukraine, made during these operations. They are
placed at my Twitter and Facebook accounts. And also I made some
reconnaissance-videos, which published at YouTube during last months (last
week I published a video, which I recorded at secret terrorists base).

Here is the playlist Ukrainian Cyber Forces: video reconnaissance

It includes the next videos:

- promo video for Ukrainian Cyber Forces.
- web camera in Donetsk - the moment was recorded, when terrorist was
turning off the camera (they often do that to prevent our work, because
they are afraid of being monitored).
- Secret video from the base of terrorists in Donetsk (where is terrorists'
truck with antiaircraft gun Zu-2-23).

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