[WEB SECURITY] Tools to Reproduce Vulnerabilities?

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This is perfect, thank you!

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Thats one of the use cases for Zest: 

Zest is a open source graphical scripting language, and essentially the macro language for ZAP (which is also completely free and open source).

You can very quickly record Zest scripts using ZAP, and graphically edit them to include constructs like conditionals and loops.

Since the Mozilla blog post Zest also supports client side scripting (using Selenium).

At AppSec EU I demoed a client side Zest script which automates registration of Mozilla Persona via Mailinator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofmp-haNI7s
Other tools such as OWTF have also adopted Zest, and we'd love other tools, both open source and commercial, to adopt it.


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>I use an interception proxy when I need to demo vulns for dev.  Fiddler v2 and/or Burpsuite Pro gets the job done nicely. 
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>Do you use any tool(s) easily reproduce vulnerabilities for developers? I am only aware of Selenium (http://www.seleniumhq.org/). I guess you could also use wget or curl, but I think a gui would be best.
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