[WEB SECURITY] AUTO: Aurore Gillet is out of the office (returning 10/03/2014)

Aurore Gillet aurore.gillet at be.ibm.com
Sat Mar 8 04:04:26 EST 2014

I am out of the office until 10/03/2014.


For any urgent matter you can contact one of my colleagues:
- Bart Bruijnesteijn (as 1st backup for everything):
Bart.Bruijnesteijn at nl.ibm.com
- Jens Wymeersch (jens.wymeersch at be.ibm.com
- Marc Haeverans: marc.haeverans at be.ibm.com
- Peter Volckaert peter.volckaert at be.ibm.com
- Jimmy Noels: jimmy.noels at be.ibm.com
- Nico De Smidt - nds at nl.ibm.com
For urgent/blocking matters, you can also reach me on my mobile:

Best regards,

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