[WEB SECURITY] Ukrainian Cyber Forces: hacked Russian government data

MustLive mustlive at websecurity.com.ua
Sun Dec 14 11:51:01 EST 2014

Hello participants of Mailing List.

As I wrote earlier, since 01.03.2014 I was hardly working to resist against
information war from Russia against Ukraine. Work against terrorists web
sites, resist Russian propaganda and also block terrorists accounts in
Electronic Payment Systems (EPS). About this activity I write in my Twitter
and Facebook accounts.

Besides blocking 144 accounts of terrorists for June-November (and new
accounts in December) I also do a lot of other work
Earlier I wrote about operations of Ukrainian Cyber Forces, which I created
at 9th of June to resist Russian aggression.

In the list I wrote that we hack sites of terrorists and e-mails and
accounts in social networks. But since August we hacked a lot of Russian
parties e-mails, Ministry of Defense RF site, e-mail of Ministry of Internal
Affairs RF and two servers of Ministry of Internal Affairs RF. Since August
I wrote a lot about that in my TW and FB accounts and disclosed GBs of
information from hacked e-mails, sites and servers. But only in December
foreign journalist drew attention on that - when I disclosed 1,78 GB of data
from the second server of Ministry of Internal Affairs RF (with proofs of
Russian invasion). It looks like it's because I put the data not only to
Ukrainian filesharing site, but also to Google Drive, which is accessible
for everyone in the world.

You can read about this leakage in the article, which was released
yesterday. This is the first from many articles of foreign journalists, soon
will be more articles about me and Ukrainian Cyber Forces. For previous six
months only Ukrainian media (and sometimes Russian) wrote about me and UCF -
on sites, press and TV. In December were released many new articles about
UCF and my interviews.

Ukrainian Hackers Leak Russian Interior Ministry Docs With 'Evidence' of
Russian Invasion

Best wishes & regards,
Eugene Dokukin aka MustLive
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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