[WEB SECURITY] LAMP Security Guide - Focused on Drupal

Mike Gifford mike at openconcept.ca
Mon Nov 18 00:10:17 EST 2013


With the help of a number of other people, I've written up the following security guide, geared specifically at Drupal:

It's pretty comprehensive, but I'm certain there's stuff that's been missed.  It's certainly the most useful for people using Drupal or another framework within a PHP environment.  

I'm sure I'm already linking to resources developed by others on this list.  If I'm missing other resources, do let me know.  This document will evolve as people suggest new ways to harden their their servers/apps.

If someone else has already gone through the work of describing how to set up some component of a secured server/site, I'd much rather point folks in that direction.  

The first part of the guide is really designed to share with management, while the latter part is much more for system administrators.  Ultimately, management needs to have things written in a format that they can understand, so that they know how to properly resource it. 

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