MustLive mustlive at websecurity.com.ua
Sat Jul 20 09:04:30 EDT 2013

Hello participants of Mailing List.

After making public release of DAVOSET
I've made next update of the software. Yesterday DAVOSET v.1.1 was
released - DDoS attacks via other sites execution tool 

Download DAVOSET v.1.1.1:


Use, don't abuse.

Besides improvements in new version, in 1.1.1 there were added a lot of new
zombie-services - 105 new services, most of them are web sites with
Googlemaps plugin for Joomla. Also I've improved work with services which
don’t support "http://" for target site (this is made for Googlemaps). Last
week one man, who like DAVOSET, sent me large list of zombie-servers for my
tool (big thanks for him). In that list I've found a lot of web sites with
Googlemaps, which I checked and found multiple vulnerabilities in this
plugin, which I disclosed recently.

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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