[WEB SECURITY] Abusing the Host header for cache&password reset poisoning

albino albinowax at eml.cc
Tue Apr 30 19:46:14 EDT 2013

Hi All,

A few years back Carlos Bueno posted on this list about the possibility
of using the HTTP Host header for cache poisoning. I've recently
followed this up and had success poisoning both reverse proxies (Varnish
in particular) and Joomla's internal application cache. In Joomla's case
this gives attackers persistent XSS on the application's homepage
(mercifully Joomla has caching disabled by default). It appears that
crafted host headers can also be used to generate 'poisoned' password
reset emails from deployable applications and frameworks like Gallery
and Django. I've written the details up at

However, I've had trouble recommending a fix for these issues that is
both convincing and convenient. Configuring servers to reject such
attacks is relatively tricky judging by Django's series of flawed fixes,
and forcing administrators to specify a whitelist of trusted hosts
during installation/migration is yet another installation step that
developers would rather avoid. Do any of you have thoughts on this?


James Kettle

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