[WEB SECURITY] Closing web sites due to legislation

MaXe owasp at intern0t.net
Wed May 30 10:01:07 EDT 2012

Dear MustLive,

I think you've misunderstood the European law somewhat.

In Europe, a website must inform the user if it intends to store data
(e.g. cookies but also HTML5 Local Storage) on the user's computer, and
inform about what the data is going to be used for.

The law does NOT require the website to ask the user whether it can store
data or not. Meaning you automatically accept whether the website will
store e.g., cookies or not.

The information about how data is stored and what it is used for, must
also be in common understandable language (meaning "legal language" is not

The website must however, provide the option to disallow cookies being
stored on your computer.

Of course these laws you described may be applicable in Ukraine only, but
the EU-law is as I described above. (So please, don't make up things you
don't know about. This is not a joke, these are all facts.)

Please note that the EU-laws does not apply outside EU. Countries such as
North Korea probably doesn't (excuse my language) give a damn about these
laws. It does of course apply to human individuals in Europe, companies in
Europe, domains registered in Europe and servers in Europe.

Best regards,

On Wed, 23 May 2012 23:55:14 +0300, "MustLive"
<mustlive at websecurity.com.ua> wrote:
> Hello participants of Mailing List.
> Since 2008 I've wrote large series of articles about closing web sites
> to legislation. There were a lot of cases (from that time) in Ukraine
> concerning multiple laws, where our law enforcements closed (temporarily
> permanently) web sites. And for a long time I was planning to write some
> articles (at least summary articles) to the list on this topic. For
> example,
> recently I've wrote article about closing sites by tax administration
> soon I'd write new articles on this topic (including closing sites due
> Euro 2012). But at first I'm presenting another article for you.
> [................. Removed to save bandwidth on the Internet. ]

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