[WEB SECURITY] Authorization for Web Services

Martin O'Neal martin.oneal at corsaire.com
Sun Jul 22 12:52:00 EDT 2012

> I'm using LDAP for authentication, but this is not 
> enough. There are may users and functions should be 
> have limited access.

> What I need implementing access control after 
> authenticating my clients to be sure no one able 
> to access unauthorized data.

If you have already developed your own code and LDAP authentication
interface, then it should be relatively straightforward to extend this
into an authorisation interface too.

I don't know your code or approach, so I'm going to assume it is object
oriented and then will just punt ideas out randomly ;) The way I would
approach would be to:

- If your code doesn't already support the concept of abstract user
groups, then implement it (associate with an LDAP group, allowing
centralised management).
- Create a grid of methods that require authorisation, then associate
these with the user groups.
- Create a function that checks for membership of the group, then call
this prior to allowing any sensitive methods to run.

A couple of observations for the LDAP auth:

- If you're not already doing your LDAP lookups over SSL, then add this
in (otherwise the first time that someone like me looks at it we'll just
start whining. ;)
- When you do your LDAP auth check, use a named user with minimal
privileges and disable anonymous binds on the LDAP server.
- Then you test the LDAP auth, first check for the existence of the
user, then attempt a bind as the user. That way you know whether the
user actually exists or the password is wrong (then you can log the
correct condition, though should give the user a generic "something was
wrong with your credentials" message).

Oh, then take the money you would have spent on an F5 and buy Jager
bombs for everyone and don't come in tomorrow. You could invite me too.


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