[WEB SECURITY] Open Source Web Application Security Testing Tools

Malgorzata Skora malgorzata.skora at software.com.pl
Wed Jul 4 05:40:04 EDT 2012

Hello list,

If you like to read about* Open Source Web Application Security Testing
Tools**, learn about exploits, fuzzing, SQL injection, memory
corruption*and many more..., now you can get 200 pages about it from
PenTest but also
you will get another 200 pages of The Best of PenTest for free to read about
* **Attacking the Mobile Infrastructure**, Mastering the Behavioral
Techniques for Quick Rapport and Elicitation; Penetration Testing For
iPhone and iPad Applications; The clues to switch a PCI DSS compliance’s
nightmare into an easy path; Modeling Security Penetration Tests with
Stringent Time Constraints and Cloud Computing**.

*Buy one get two!*
Visit http://pentestmag.com/webapp-compendium-06_2012/ and get 400 pages of
technical content.

Malgorzata Skora
PenTest Magazine Junior Product Manager
PenTest Regular Editor
Software Media Sp. z o.o.
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