[WEB SECURITY] Disassembling .NET Client - Security Challenge

Ivan Buetler ivan.buetler at csnc.ch
Fri Sep 9 02:15:12 EDT 2011

Hi all,

We are proud to present a new free hacking challenge! It's all about
.NET disassembling! This time, we will provide a target sample
application to hack plus a step-by-step description for novice and
intermediate users. Increase your knowledge about client security and
most importantly, enjoy this free event! 

Provided Resources for this Case
* Sample Application
* Paper explaining the Disassembling (whitepaper by Alexandre Herzog)
* Step-by-Step instructions (only for registered Hacking-Lab users
available, but it's free)

Always wondered what a given .NET binary does but getting to its source
using IDA Pro is too time consuming? In our brand new published paper
and hands-on example, you'll get an insight into .NET binaries, their
secrets and how to alter them to your needs while staying at a high- or
intermediate language level. 

Interested? Please checkout the URL's below
* https://www.hacking-lab.com/sh/LAE04Jf


Ivan Buetler / E1
Compass Security, Switzerland

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