[WEB SECURITY] FW: Web Service pentesting

Palko Marek marek.palko at lynx.sk
Fri Nov 11 05:41:19 EST 2011

Firstly, I apologize, if this post isn't at the right place.

We are looking for tool wich we can use to vulnerability test of web service.

Best tool which I've found is WSFuzzer (OWASP).


-        wsScanner (Blueinfy) - support  dotNET only (ASMX scheme)

-        wsChess - same as wsScanner

-        wsDigger (Foundstone) - looks fine, but support only few checks and is not under development since 2005

Have you any suggestion of other tools for this purposes ?
Also some guides/docs for doing pentest on web services will be helpful.
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