[WEB SECURITY] Cookiejacking attack technique

Ivan Buetler ivan.buetler at csnc.ch
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For your information. The talk of Rosario at Swiss Cyber Storm 3 in
Switzerland plus his slides are now online





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last week, in two security conferences I showed a new attack technique
called Cookiejacking that allows to steal session cookies without any
XSS vulnerability.





All previous approaches on the same topic used at least an XSS or a Man
in the middle attack (eg Firesheep) to steal cookies.

In this approach I use a 0-day vulnerabilty affecting all versions of IE
on every Windows OS and an advanced Clickjacking attack in order to
trick users in dragging & dropping their cookies.


You can steal any cookie (http only, secure cookies, whatever the
website) of every Win user.


On my blog you can find a writeup and a couple of videos.





Rosario Valotta



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