[WEB SECURITY] Exploiting User-Agent XSS

Mike Duncan Mike.Duncan at noaa.gov
Fri May 27 10:13:48 EDT 2011

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By Flash technique, I guess you mean the use of AS' getUrl(). Perhaps a
Java/Silverlight/ActiveX app which makes the request with the malicious
UA and then dumps the response to a DIV or something on the page.

Of course, an applet/object trying to make a connection to another host
will need to be signed possibly meaning some social engineering is
required as well.

Mike Duncan
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On 05/26/11 09:04, Atul Agarwal wrote:
> Hello List,
> Is anyone aware of any reliable method to force the user (victim) to
> change/spoof the User-Agent of the browser so as to exploit a XSS Vuln.
> The flash technique does not work any more.
> Thanks,
> Atul Agarwal
> Secfence Technologies
> http://www.secfence.com
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