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First of all I believe that if you have a problem with „Standard Methodology” you shouldn’t take the assignment in the first place, unless this is part of your education process. Not that I don’t want to be helpful but source code review requires both deep expertise and experience in order to provide really useful data one can trust as opposed to providing report with few millions similar “bugs” found. Otherwise running grep on source tree can be the “Standard Methodology”. 


Basically the process depends on 3 things:

1.       Assignment scope, objectives and requirements

2.       Your experience

3.       Your toolbase


For example: I don’t consider any PHP code review to be complete without also reviewing at least PHP settings since those options can heavily influence code behavior. 


The taxonomy you use and the review process are influenced both by your toolset as well as the assignment type i.e.: you can just review single checkout from repository or you can review new commits to the repository.  Secondly you have to decide how to deal with findings you choose to ignore and how to handle this process correctly. Everybody probably knows the great story of RealPlayer code “fixed” with ignore comments for Flawfinder which ended in new set of vulnerabilities…


So my advice would be to first make sure you have a well define project scope in first place.

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Aleksander P. Czarnowski

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Hi All,

In one of my upcoming assignment, i need to perform Static Source Code analysis (SSCA) and prior to this i need to explain about the 'Standard Methodology' which will be followed for performing SSCA. 

I need to know which standard methodology is generally followed for SSCA process.


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Parmendra Sharma

Application Security Consultant

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