[WEB SECURITY] which is the best web application vulnerabilityscanner

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"Use As many as possible scanners" mmmmm??? Technically could be, but in the real Corporate world, you only have some days to test and validate, so, more scanners, more time to run/validate and multiple different reports too generate. Without any consistency.

What if you find 10. Vulns in Webinspect, 5 in AppScan and 3 in Acunetix?

When the developer says, please re-scan! Crap!!!

Too much maintenance.

My suggestion would be, stick with one of the well known ones: Acunetix, Appscan or WebInspect and add to your process "Educating Testing", which means, take the results of the scan and do a more intelligent-human test on the requests that look "bypassable".

With this approach you could narrow down the gap of missing defects.

And actually, the real critical vulns are found by humans not by scanners :-)

My recommendation is to use an scan that allows macro creation so that you can reach sections that the scanner itself cannot.
Think of a process with 4 steps where the first one is to enter the invoice number or credit card, the scanner will never guess it and therefore not able to touch next steps/sections/urls/parameters.

What about gotcha-enable apps??

Webinspect supports macros, Acunetix (at least in the version I used years ago) only supports login macros.

Good luck. 
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