[WEB SECURITY] Arachni v0.2.2.2 has been released (Open Source Web Application Security Scanner Framework)

Tasos Laskos tasos.laskos at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 22:18:47 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

This is just to let you know that there's a new version of Arachni.
It's mainly a bugfixing release without many shiny new things which 
means that it probably is the most stable version to date.

Arachni is a high-performance (Open Source) Web Application Security 
Scanner Framework written in Ruby.

Details at: http://arachni.segfault.gr/latest
ChangeLog:  http://arachni.segfault.gr/latest#v0.2.2.2

Homepage: 	http://arachni.segfault.gr
Github page: 	http://github.com/zapotek/arachni
Documentation:  http://github.com/Zapotek/arachni/wiki
Google Group: 	http://groups.google.com/group/arachni
Author: 	Tasos "Zapotek" Laskos
Twitter: 	http://twitter.com/Zap0tek
Copyright: 	2010-2011
License: 	GNU General Public License v2

All available installation options and usage instructions can be found 
in the homepage and the GitHub page.

I hope that you find it useful.

If you run into any problems or want to make a suggestion or feature 
request the following pages will allow you to do so:

Tasos Laskos.

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