[WEB SECURITY] UPDATE: WATOBO 0.9.6rev270 released

Andreas Schmidt webappsec at siberas.de
Thu Mar 10 03:31:16 EST 2011

Hi everybody,

we just released a new version of WATOBO due to some important bug fixes.

Get it at

== Version 0.9.6 Build 270 ==
-- Fixes --
ProxyDialog: AddProxy-Crash
Scanner: No Port Probe For Target If Proxy Is Set
Session: Fixed NTLM-Authentication

WATOBO is intended to enable security professionals to perform highly
efficient (semi-automated) web application security audits.

-- Documentation --
Watch the video tutorials on our project page for further information

There's an almost complete documentation with also very good lessons on
aldeid <http://www.aldeid.com/index.php/Watobo>  - thanks Sebastien!

We hope you find WATOBO useful!

If you find a bug, have a feature request or simply want to tell some
success stories please send a mail to watobo at siberas.de.



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