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It helps to know where the alert is being injected and executed within the page. However, yes, anytime you are able to inject arbitrary script and have it executed it is a doorway for an attacker to perform more advanced attacks. It's just a matter of understanding the attack vector and some trial and error.

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 09:15:53 -0700
From: druryjason at yahoo.com
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Subject: [WEB SECURITY] XSS Question

During a recent web pentest I found an input vulnerable to XSS. The developers have come back to me saying they resolved the issue, but upon retesting I found it still vulnerable to the following string: \";alert('XSS');//
Just for my own education, can anything malicious be done with such a string or is the extent of the damage a popup box (which is what I currently get).
Thank you,Jason
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