[WEB SECURITY] Repository of site URL structures?

Chris Weber chris at casabasecurity.com
Tue Jun 21 18:19:08 EDT 2011

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> Cool, I'm eager to see more work done on tests.xml , it will be a perfect
> for testing w3af's url parsing module! We already have lots of doctests
> but I would be really happy to integrate tests.xml into a unit-test that
> each of the <test> , makes url_object parse the <uri> and compares the
> object with <expected>

Stay in touch, I'll get the Webkit tests integrated next, then clean up the
expected results.
> Just noticed that you might be missing the test where you have a
> param:    http://www.w3af.com/foo/bar?spam;eggs=1    (eggs=1) is the
> param.

Test cases are always welcome!

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