[WEB SECURITY] Burp Suite Free Edition v1.4 released

PortSwigger mail at portswigger.net
Fri Jun 3 12:56:51 EDT 2011

Burp Suite Free Edition v1.4 is now available to download from http://portswigger.net/

This is a major upgrade with numerous new features, including:

- The ability to compare site maps

- Functions to help with testing access controls using your browser

- Support for preset request macros

- Session handling rules to help you work with difficult situations

- In-browser rendering of responses from all Burp tools

- Auto recognition and rendering of character sets

- Support for upstream SOCKS proxies

- Headless mode for unattended scripted usage

- Support for more types of redirection

- Support for NTLMv2 and IPv6

- Numerous enhancements to Burp's extensibility

- Greater stability on OSX

Read more details here: http://blog.portswigger.net/2011/06/burp-suite-free-edition-v14-released.html


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