[WEB SECURITY] Great article outlining a core issue with many in the security community

Ory Segal SEGALORY at il.ibm.com
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Developers shouldn't be blamed for not writing secure applications - it's 
usually the fault of product owners and stakeholders that don't define 
(and prioritize) security as a critical requirement for a software 

You don't expect developers to build a pretty and usable user interface, 
you also don't expect them to define the flow and logic of your 
application. That's why product owners and stakeholders have to define 
product requirements, use cases, users, scenarios, etc. 

Developers develop code, which should adhere to the requirements of the 

As long as security won't be a 1st class citizen in the world of software 
requirements, I suspect we won't see software that is secure by design.

Having security requirements also means that product owners, developers 
and QA teams can verify that the requirements are met. They can measure 
their success, and understand how to get better. Anything less than this 
is simply a waste of time, i.e. bolting security on the project in 

What we do need to ask ourselves is - if nobody is prioritizing security 
as a critical software requirement - what are we doing wrong here???

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I saw this posted via twitter and thought it was worth mentioning here. 
While the example specifies owasp, I am not posting this link to slam
them in particular. I think that the point applies to MANY folks in the 
security industry.

Security Vs Developers

- Robert Auger
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