[WEB SECURITY] automatically detecting transparent web proxies

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On Tue, Feb 08, 2011 at 01:26:13PM -0500, robert at webappsec.org wrote:
> > My usual is:
> > 
> > telnet 80
> > 
> > If you get a connection, you've got a transparent proxy (or some
> > inconsiderate bugger has finally put a web server on
> Some ISPS respond with placeholder pages for non existent domains, and they accomplish this
> by responding to DNS requests to point to their web server IP. In this use case simply telnetting
> will not prove reliable. Network solutions did this years ago and stopped, however there are likely some
> isps doing the same thing somewhere. 

Very true if were a domain name ;-)

I personally tend to run my own DNS infrastructure and stopped relying
on whatever is provided when providers started lying like this.

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