[WEB SECURITY] Tricky exploit - a penetration test puzzle

Ronen Z ronen at quaji.com
Tue Feb 8 05:49:51 EST 2011

In a recent application security audit for a web-site I came across a
big, blaring breach.

while it's always fun to find a good vulnerability, it turned out to
be quite tricky to actually exploit it. The trickiness was not due to
good security practices but to pure (un)luck (depending on whose point
of view). It seemed every angle I tried was off by just a tiny bit.

Eventually I managed to find an interesting multiphase exploit vector,
and I think it makes for some interesting tinkering/reading.  I've
created a mock-up replica of the vulnerable web-site to allow for
testing and analysis. After reading the vulnerability introductory
section you may wish to try your wit against the mock-site and find it
yourself, before reading on to the detailed exploit write-up.

Write up here: http://blog.quaji.com/2011/02/tricky-exploit-penetration-test-puzzle.html

Ronen Zilberman

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