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Wed Feb 2 17:06:09 EST 2011

On a related note ­ the never ending obfuscation techniques to bypass any
filtering mechanism (WAF or otherwise) lead me to use additional WAF
techniques to help mitigate XSS attacks.  I recently gave my "XSS
Street-Fight" presentation at Blackhat DC
which outlined these items.  The preso slides aren't up on the BH site yet
so I posted them on them here -

The short of it is that you need to things like -
1. Generic Attack Payload Detection ­ highly obfuscated payloads often have
tell-tail signs that something is abnormal with it.
2. Dynamic Taint Propagation ­ to compare inbound/outbound data to identify
possible areas where the app isn't applying output escaping/encoding of
user­supplied data.
3. Counting the number of iframes/scripts on a page ­ successful XSS attacks
will often result in new tags
4. Adding a JS Sandbox ­ pushing a JS sandbox (like Active Content
Signatures) down to the client so you can combat XSS there.
Anyways ­ this is a topic that we will be discussing at the upcoming OWASP
Summit in Portugal next week. http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2011
Should be interesting to hash all these concepts out further.

Sorry for the thread hijackŠ


From:  Ryan Dewhurst <ryandewhurst at gmail.com>
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Subject:  [WEB SECURITY] WAF XSS Fuzzer?!

> Hi list,
> I was wondering if such a thing existed and if not, would such a thing be
> possible? 
> Or does WAF evasion always need some degree of intelligence to produce a
> viable payload?
> I must admit my WAF evasion knowledge is quite poor. I am awaiting The Web
> Application Obfuscation book as a starting point.
> Thanks,
> Ryan
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