[WEB SECURITY] Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence on finite amounts of possible outcomes

Michal Zalewski lcamtuf at coredump.cx
Tue Feb 1 19:16:35 EST 2011

> C'mon man don't keep to yourself share the examples.

Well, they're pretty trivial, but for example, skipfish does a
postprocessing round to eliminate duplicates and other loops; and
generally looks at a variety of information collected in earlier
checks to make decisions later on (e.g., the outcome of 404 probes,
individual and cumulative - if there are too many 404 signatures,
something has obviously gone wrong; etc). Nothing of this is special,
and it does not prevent it from being extremely dumb at times, but
it's probably unfair to say that absolutely no high-level
meta-analysis is being done.


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