[WEB SECURITY] security findings management

Randy Witlicki randy.witlicki at valley.net
Fri Dec 16 17:12:48 EST 2011

   Your question is perhaps a bit unclear.
   Are you looking for a formal issue/bug tracking system (.e.g: Trac) 
or a system for ingesting log files ?
   If if it the latter maybe something like Splunk (paid and free) may fit:


At 6:04 PM +0200 12/16/11, Stephen De Vries wrote:
>You could also try any software issue tracking system, such as one 
>of those listed here:
>On 16 Dec 2011, at 00:44, Lebeau Frederic <frederic.lebeau at websurf.be> wrote:
>>  Hello, i'm looking for a tool to manage(keep trace, history, 
>>status) all security issues found during dynamic testing or code 
>>review activities.
>>  Does someone can help me?
>>  Thanks
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