[WEB SECURITY] CAT Version 1 Released - Web App Testing Tool

Context IS - Disclosure disclosure at contextis.co.uk
Wed Aug 3 20:45:16 EDT 2011

Context App Tool (CAT) Version 1 has been released.  

CAT is a tool for manual web application penetration testing and includes the following features:
-          Request Repeater – Used for repeating a single request
-          Proxy – Classic Inline proxy
-          Fuzzer – Allows for batch of tests to be sent to a server for brute forcing, parameter fuzzing, forced browsing etc.
-          Log – View a list of requests to sort, search repeat etc. Allows for a sequence of requests to be repeated and modified.
-          Authentication Checker – Two synchronised proxies which can be used to check authentication and authorisation controls.
-          SSL Checker – Request a specific page with various SSL ciphers and versions.
-          Notepad – A text/RTF editor which can be used as a scratch pad for conversions etc.
-          Web Browser – An integrated web browser with proxy pre-configured based on the Internet Explorer's rendering engine.
-          Addons – Freely accessible API/SDK to extend CAT with additional functionality.

Some highlights of CAT:
-          CAT uses Internet Explorer's rendering engine for accurate HTML representation
-          It supports many different types of text conversions including: URL, Base64, Hex, Unicode, HTML/XML, SQL and JavaScript no quotes
-          It offers integrated SQL Injection and XSS Detection
-          Advanced Authentication and Authorisation using Synchronised Browsing
-          Silverlight WCF Support
-          Faster performance due to HTTP connection caching
-          SSL Version and Cipher checker using OpenSSL
-          Greater flexibility for importing/exporting logs and saving projects
-          Tabbed Interface allowing for multiple tools at once e.g. multiple repeaters and different logs
-          The ability to repeat and modify a sequence of requests (particularly useful in SSO testing)
-          Ability to extend CAT using Addons with publicly available documentation and sample code
-          MONO Support for Linux and OSX (Currently in Beta).
-          Scriptable fuzz cases.
-          It is totally free!

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