[WEB SECURITY] Application Categorization !!

Parmendra Sharma s.parmendra at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 13:52:25 EDT 2011

Hello Everyone,

I request your inputs for the questions below:

   - What are the factors based on which you put an application into one of
   the category i.e: Small, Medium and Large application. May be you see / ask
   your customer the number of dynamic pages within the apps etc..etc. What
   factors make you to decide about the right category of an application.
   - Is there any tool among (Acunetix, Appscan and Webinspect) which is
   capable of telling the scanned apps falls in which category i.e: Small,
   Medium and Large
   - What is the timeframe (standard if any) you generally take to perform
   VA / PT for small, medium and large category applications for OWASP Top 10
   - Has someone perform VA / PT on Push Technologies / Novel Technologies
   such as Lightstreamer and AMF / Livecycle / Blaze, apps like CXF. (posted
   this earlier also but did not recieve any comments....any little help will
   be quit usefull)

 Thanks a lot.

Thanks and Regards:

Parmendra Sharma
Application Security Consultant
email: s.parmendra at gmail.com
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