[WEB SECURITY] a new 'Secret Key' Cryptographic Algorithm ~ any analysis/suggestions/weaknes

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Thu Apr 28 06:32:31 EDT 2011

I agree completely with Claudio. You have to have a math-degree to design a  
new algorithm.
Here is a open book to start with the basic theory behind cryptography


As you will see in the content, this is pure mathematics. I advise to use  
minimal RC4, but better AES. I know it is block cipher, but you can also  
stream with block ciphers.


Op schreef Claudio Telmon <claudio at telmon.org>:
> I downloaded the code and simply tried to encode a block of zeroes... as

> you can see if you look at the result with an hex editor, a clear

> pattern appears in the cyphertext. See what happens instead if you try eg:

> openssl enc -e -rc4 -in plain -out cypher

> This is just to show that the fact that you're feeding the plaintext as

> key, with minimal initialization, is weak and implies that both the key

> and the cyphertext are almost as biased as the plaintext. BTW, I tried

> to change the key from ABK to ACK, and a single bit changed as a

> consequence in the cyphertext pattern. This is just to show that the

> design is wrong, without going into math. Don't suppose that those

> desining more complex algorythms do so because they don'y know better.

> Not to be rude, but don't just try to change a couple of steps in your

> code and resubmit: there's a lot of books and papers on cryptography,

> this one has been recently recommended by a cryptographer on another

> mailing list:

> http://www.amazon.com/Cryptography-Practice-Discrete-Mathematics-Applications/dp/1584885084

> Regards,

> - Claudio

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