[WEB SECURITY] Sample Hacking projects for students

MaXe owasp at intern0t.net
Tue Apr 26 16:39:09 EDT 2011

Hello Mostafa Siraj,

You could also create your own legal online targets with VPS's, or perhaps VMware images for students to play with etc.

I've made 4 of these called the HaXx.Me challenges, which are planned and scheduled via the InterN0T forums (forum.intern0t.net), and even though the VPS images are not available, the solution videos are: http://intern0t.blip.tv 

Of course, with these custom challenges you should not focus on all attack vectors, but focus on what students may encounter in real life. With or without hints to guide them through the challenge, is up to you though.

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----- Original meddelelse -----
> Hello,
> I'll give a training to students on web application hacking techniques
> and web security development, I want to give them sample projects for
> practicing. I would appreciate helping me with some ideas
> some Ideas I thought about
> Playing around with WebGoat & Hackmebank (Hacking)
> How to protect your files -zip downloads- from direct downloads
> (Development)
> Write a script for brute-forcing authentication on a sample site using
> common usernames and passwords -Hacking-
> I hope you can help me with more ideas for hacking and secure development
> Thanks in Advance
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> Mostafa Siraj <http://twitter.com/mostafasiraj>
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