[WEB SECURITY] How to perform Antivirus Security Testing

MaXe owasp at intern0t.net
Wed Apr 20 14:05:51 EDT 2011

Hi Prashant,

One way is to test how easy it is to bypass the scanning engine, with e.g. Assembly and then of course encoding the binary files this way or obfuscating them which tricks heuristic engines.

I have written a paper called: Bypassing Anti-Virus Scanners, which you can download from Exploit-DB in the papers section.

It may be named Bypassing AV Scanners on that site, just so you know.

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> Dear All,
> Kindly guide me on how to do antivirus application security testing.
> Any tools/methodology/approach/checklist that will help, please suggest.
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> Prashant
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