[WEB SECURITY] Detection of TOR/Proxies in Web Applications

Johann-Peter Hartmann hartmann at mayflower.de
Fri May 28 23:55:40 EDT 2010


Chris Schmidt schrieb:
> Is there anyone who has done any type of Anonymous Proxy Detection (TOR
> or Open Proxy) inside of a web application? I am currently researching
> methods of detecting this type of traffic so that the application can
> perform differently or take specific action in those cases.

We just check against a list of TOR exit nodes based on
https://torstat.xenobite.eu/. This works pretty well.

2 things we did to detect where somebody is coming from (without great
success, though):

a) use a java applet to detect the local ip adress
b) generate an unique hostname and check where the DNS request comes from

best regards,
- johann

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