[WEB SECURITY] [Tool] JBroFuzz 2.2

Yiannis Pavlosoglou yiannis at owasp.org
Wed May 26 12:03:23 EDT 2010

Hi all,

Here is the follow up 2.2 release of JBroFuzz:

   - 50 new Oracle SQL Injection Payloads
   - Added back CRLF padding at the end of the message request
   - Fixed preference option under Fuzzing for "\r\n" instead of "\n"
   - Fixed "Payload in the wrong location" (sourceforge ID: 2997848)
   - Added a payloads column in the output table (you can sort by payload!)
   - Fixed a memory leakage problem when displaying more than 3000 rows
   - Fixed a memory leakage problem within the "On The Wire" panel


You are in for doing more with less memory, plus some oracle special

Thank you,

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