[WEB SECURITY] Testing of systems for searching of viruses at web sites

MustLive mustlive at websecurity.com.ua
Sun May 23 13:19:57 EDT 2010

Hello participants of Mailing List.

After publication at the list of my letter about testing of systems for
searching of viruses at web sites, one of the readers of the list, Liu Yu,
asked me about my Web Virus Detection System. Which was mentioned in my 
letter. And I told him a short story about this project.

I decided to publish it to the list, in case if you'd find it interesting.

A short story about my Web VDS project.

At 26.04.2008 I created an idea of the system for searching of viruses at
web sites, which I called Web Virus Detection System. And I made Web VDS

After that I discussed the idea of this project with one Ukrainian security
company (which is representative of one German company). They liked the
idea. We agreed that I'd make working version with basic functionality
(alpha-version of the system) to show them and then we'd take a final
decision about it.

In April-May 2008 I was working on it. And in 25.05.2008 I showed them Web
VDS v.1.0.9 (alpha-version of the system). And also I created business plan
for this project. They liked it and we agreed to work according to my
business plan.

By the plan I had to make beta-version of the system first. And only after
that they had to begin putting money into the project. In May-June 2008 I
was working on it. In June I still didn't make all I want for beta-version,
so I continued the working. Our meeting was carried to July.

In June-July 2008 I was working on it and in middle on July I made a
beta-version of the system (but still there were many things to do even for
beta). I showed them the system and they liked it, and they had to tell me
their decision about it in short time (and begun putting money into the
project). While I was waiting for their answer I continued to work on it.

They didn't answered me. Only in middle of August when I remind them, they
answered me. And they said that it's not interesting for them (due to new
business strategy of their company). So in August I continued to work on the
system - to made a least something from all what I planned (and I had a
large ToDo).

And at 31.08.2008 I released Web VDS v.1.0.75 and froze the project. As I
like to joke about this security company - they were afraid of Google :-),
which was one of the main competitors for this project.

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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