[WEB SECURITY] Testing of systems for searching of viruses at web sites

MustLive mustlive at websecurity.com.ua
Sun May 16 19:28:01 EDT 2010

Hello participants of Mailing List.

This is my April's letter (dated 11.04.2010), which I'm resending to the
list. This time it must bypass all Robert's spam filters :-).

I want to tell you about my testing of systems for searching of viruses at
web sites. Which I made this week and published the article with results of
testing on Friday. In my article I examined different systems for searching
of viruses at web sites, as standalone, as built-in the search engines.

The topic of infected web sites is very actual now and it'll be useful for
all users of Internet to know about existent systems.

I checked the next systems:

1. Web Virus Detection System.
2. Google.
3. Yahoo.
4. Yandex.
5. Norton Safe Web.
6. McAfee SiteAdvisor.
7. StopBadware.

It was hard fight between participants of the testing and the marks were put
down :-). The results of this research available in my article Testing of
systems for searching of viruses at web sites
(http://websecurity.com.ua/articles/test_webvds/). The article is large, so
I didn't translate it yet, but the link to Google Translate is at every page
of my site, so it'll help you to make a brief look at the article. So before
I'll start translating it, I want to know your opinion on this matter.

Tell me what do you think about this subject and about my testing.

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site

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