[WEB SECURITY] Are people using Threat modeling?

Romain Gaucher rgaucher at cigital.com
Tue May 11 14:15:51 EDT 2010

Yes, "we" use Threat Modeling a lot. In fact, I believe it's one of the best tool to conduct an efficient assessment of an application.
After, there might be no need to use tools like MS TM, but a white board and few hours are fine (largely correlated with the size of the apps, the scope of the assessment and the complexity of the architecture).
I found TM also very useful to decide which assessment framework to use (how much time should be used on pen-test, how much on fuzzing, how much on code review, etc.); no need to say though that the main problem with TM is that you almost need to be an expert to run it (unless you use the MS card game -- which I'd love to get ;)

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Subject: [WEB SECURITY] Are people using Threat modeling?

Are people using threat modeling for their clients?  I just started having an interest in it with my clients and it is amazing on what you find with threat modeling.   I have been using the Microsoft Threat Analysis tool.   What other tools are people using?

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