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On Tue, Apr 06, 2010 at 08:09:46PM -0400, Steve Pinkham wrote:
> The easiest way to a secure blog is using static site generators.
> See thingamablog, nanoc, webgen, etc.
> The only downside is no visitor comment functionality, but for writing  
> blog posts they're just fine.  Static generators should be a much more  
> common solution then they are.

Sent this to Steve but failed to CC list.

I have a pretty complete collection of static blog generator links now:

There's so many that I need to do some analysis to figure out the best
one to pick.  I've started to collect overviews and notes, and will
probably focus extensively on the python ones now, since that's the
language I'm most comfortable with.

If anyone would like to help me with this, please let me know; there
are so many that I can't possibly review them all.

Does anyone know of a relevant mailing list for website authoring
tools that is open-source oriented?  I'd really like a way to produce
coherent websites including code tarballs, validated HTML, automated
link-checking, GPG-signing code bundles, automatic blogging about
updates, etc... but it's such a huge undertaking...

Of note: there is also a static wiki generator.

Boy do I really need some kind of fast way to generate web pages...
hand-coding HTML sucks, even with EMACS HTML-mode.
I personally really like lyx for writing documents & presentations...
it can convert to LaTeX transparently and spit out HTML and/or PDF.
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