[WEB SECURITY] Implementation of Global Outout Encoder with ESAPI

Kesavanarayanan, Ramesh Ramesh.Kesavanarayanan at Pearson.com
Fri May 7 16:22:32 EDT 2010

I have a question on the output encoding using the ESAPI.

In my application I tried to implement the ESAPI for the response output
encoding in a centralized manner so that I do not need to change every
JSP page in my application.

The following is the piece of code I have written using my
import java.io.CharArrayWriter;

	public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse
			FilterChain chain) throws ServletException,
IOException {
		HttpServletRequest httpRequest = (HttpServletRequest)
		HttpServletResponse httpResponse = (HttpServletResponse)
		HttpSession session = httpRequest.getSession();
		ServletResponse newResponse = null;
		if (request instanceof HttpServletRequest) {
			newResponse = new CharResponseWrapper(
					(HttpServletResponse) response);
		chain.doFilter(request, response);

		String text = newResponse.toString();
		text = text.toUpperCase();
		text = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForHTML(text);
		text = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForHTMLAttribute(text);
		text = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForJavaScript(text);
		text = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForCSS(text);
		CharArrayWriter caw = new CharArrayWriter();

		if (text != null) {
			try {
			} catch (java.lang.IllegalStateException ille) {

In my JSP I have the code as follows

Not working
function setUserName(){
	 document.getElementById("login").value ='<%=
(String)request.getAttribute("username")  %>';


	String cleanXSS(String value) {
		value = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForHTML(value);
		value = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForHTMLAttribute(value);
		value = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForJavaScript(value);
		value = ESAPI.encoder().encodeForCSS(value);
		return value;

function setUserName(){
	 document.getElementById("login").value ='<%= cleanXSS(
(String)request.getAttribute("username")  ) %>';

As you can see I expect the response to be updated with the ESAPI
functions, but somewhere I loose the ESAPI. The idea for me is to
centralize the output encoding so that it saves me time and effort.

Appreciate if you have any pointers on the same.

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