[WEB SECURITY] Anti-CSRF mesaues will mitigate XSS

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Well most of the time it happens so, one recommendation would have changes on the other findings as well. Offcourse only to hope the team plugging the holed in not adding more bugs to it :-)

As far as the CSRF getting fixed because of your recommendation  is good, but fixing both the issues independently is important. Both XSS and CSRF are independent of each other.

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Subject: [WEB SECURITY] Anti-CSRF mesaues will mitigate XSS
Hi List,

Although it's not a new idea. But during an assessment of an application, I and my colleague was discussing about a scenario in the application. The application had login section behind which there were few pages that were vulnerable to Reflected XSS. Application was also vulnerable to CSRF. 
Needless to say that we suggested anti-CSRF measures for the application. Although we also suggested anti-XSS measures but the anti-CSRF measures were good enough to mitigate any attempt to exploit the reflected XSS flaws on the pages behind authentication. The application was rejecting any external request. 

So any attempt to exploit the reflected XSS will bear no fruit in scenario like this.

Your valuable thoughts?

Thanks & Regards,

Nilesh Kumar,

Security Analyst

Honeywell, India

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