[WEB SECURITY] [Tool] JBroFuzz 2.3

Yiannis Pavlosoglou yiannis at owasp.org
Wed Jun 23 05:20:17 EDT 2010

Hi all,

To commemorate the opening day of the OWASP AppSec Research 2010
conference in Stockholm, Sweden; John and all those that helped to
make it happen, we released earlier this morning JBroFuzz 2.3:

    * Added right click encode/decode functionality in the Fuzzer tab
- Request Text Panel
    * Multiple instances can now save data in different launch
directories, under: Preferences -> Directory Locations
    * Keep History of previous dir in: File -> Save, File -> Open,
File -> Save As
    * Fixed find functionality when viewing fuzzing responses (thx Markus!)
    * Added a swap button, in the Encoder Window, plus friends
    * Encoder/Hash is now also a standalone jar/exe file
    * Added a standalone jbrofuzz-core-2.3.jar fuzzing API library

A warm welcome to the new faces involved; hope you find it of use.

Thank you,


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