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I've got five pages of information linked to from here:


The one that may be most interesting to security folks is:


I have mentioned a similar page before, but I've narrowed it down to
python stuff, fleshed it out, and am now covering five topics (LWMLs,
template systems, static web page generators, microframeworks, and web
app frameworks).

It seems like many web app programmers and web authors know one
system, or possibly two, and so you don't often get good answers to
the questions like "which one should I choose?", and "what features
would make me choose one over the other?"  I suppose this is because
most people just have to use whatever their employer is using, and few
are in the enviable position of being able to choose.

Man, that is a lot of work.  And it just keeps growing; as I track
down web app frameworks, for example, I discover new templating
systems, and have to go back and update _that_ information, and then
have to figure out if the other web app frameworks support it, and it
also references some more templating languages, and it just goes on
and on...

I hadn't scrapped the idea of covering this for all languages, ruby
and PHP would have given a combinatorial explosion beyond all
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