[WEB SECURITY] Burp Suite v1.3 released

PortSwigger mail at portswigger.net
Fri Jan 8 05:26:53 EST 2010

Burp Suite v1.3 is now available for free download at

This is a major upgrade with a host of new features, including:

- A new message editor/viewer optimised for HTTP requests and responses,
with colourised syntax, mouse-over decoding, and quick conversion functions.

- Facility to add comments and highlights to the proxy history and site map.

- Support for viewing and editing AMF-encoded messages.

- Improved handling of SSL server certificates, to eliminate browser SSL
warnings and connection problems with thick clients.

- Copy to file / paste from file to facilitate working with binary content.

- New display filters.

- Greatly enhanced extensibility.

- Configurable DNS resolution, to override your computer's own resolution,
facilitating work with non-proxy-aware clients.

- Fine-grained upstream proxy rules.

- Exporting of HTTP messages and metadata in XML format.

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