[WEB SECURITY] local file inclusion and path transversal

Matt Parsons mparsons1980 at gmail.com
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I think you can do it with Burp Suite regular version.  But if not you can
do it with Burp Suite Pro.  I think it cost 200 dollars US which is well
worth the price.  It is not like one of those 25K dollar licenses.   

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On 02/14/2010 06:47 PM, Miguel González Castaños wrote:
> Hi all,
> I keep on studying different hacking techniques. The next assignment is
> to scan a website to find local file inclusion and path transversal
> vulnerabilities. I have used the free edition of n-stalker, acunetix and
> nikto and I haven't found anything. Any howto or (free) vulnerability
> scanner anyone of you recommend me?
W3AF and of course last version of nikto.

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