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Thanks, but the variable takes the data and transforms it in the corresponding text by the 8859-1;

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Subject: RE: [WEB SECURITY] ../ filtered

I know you say they’re using ISO (8859-1 presumably), but there
still  may be Unicode support internally.  I’d try these variations.
Normalization compatibility forms:
U+2024 U+2024 U+FF0F
%E2 %80 %A4 %E2 %80 %A4 %EF %83 %BF
Best-fit mapping Windows-1252 (similar for ISO-8859-1):
U+FF0E U+FF0E U+2215
%EF %BC %8E %EF %BC %8E %E2 %88 %95
UTF-8 overlong: 
U+002E U+002E U+002F
%C0 %AE %C0 %AE %C0 %AF%
-Chris Weber
From:Beatriz Duran
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Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 11:43 PM
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Subject: [WEB SECURITY] ../ filtered
I need to find a vulnerability in a url that could be exploited for directory
traversal and LFI; the page is working with PHP but it is filtering /../ and
also /%2e%2e/, because the pace is  using ISO for Latin characters I can't
use unicode extended because it reinterpret with other values; is there another
way to work around the filter?

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