[WEB SECURITY] #HITB - Special Report: HITB2009 CTF Weapons of Mass Destruction

Hafez Kamal aphesz at hackinthebox.org
Tue Feb 9 12:03:03 EST 2010

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A true 'hacker's conference' wouldn't be fun without a competition
where hackers go head to head, tears are shed, and blood is spilled,
and when we say blood we mean points. CTFs have always been about how
good and fast you are at reversing and exploiting daemons and
binaries. Sure it's fun and all but after a few years of the same
thing, it's starts to get boring. Hence we decided to come up with CTF
- - Weapons of Mass Destruction (say it with me, destruktion!!!).

Let's face it, acquiring allies and launching nukes at rival teams is
much more fun than just reversing binaries and stealing flags.
Strategy is everything! The crew worked hard through out the year,
planning the game mechanics, designing the world map, and coming up
with complex challenges for the game. Though there were some quirks
here and there on game day, miraculously we pulled it off. The nukes
weren't the only thing that was different. We also had no prize money
for this year's CTF but teams still signed up anyway purely for the
bragging rights. You guys are f@#&king awesome!

So without further ado, the CTF crew brings you the writeup for
Weapons of Mass Destruction 2009. Enjoy!

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