Fwd: [WEB SECURITY] AT&T exposes /etc/passwd , bad php

Matt Parsons mparsons1980 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 14:11:37 EDT 2009

I have used UNIX before.   I also know that if I scanned this application
with a tool like Ounce I would have found the vulnerability before the
public did.  It would have been listed as a directory traversal attack.
	 I misspoke when I said that users should not have access to the
etc/passwd file and that all users need to have read access. But does the
public need to have read access on an external facing website? I believe the
proper way to do it, would be to use the /etc/shadow file and do a redirect
only giving access to root having the password hash replaced with an X that
tells the user to retrieve the corresponding user's password via the
/etc/shadow file.  Am I wrong?    What do you think. 


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: > Subject: RE: [WEB SECURITY] AT&T exposes /etc/passwd , bad php
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: > I wonder if AT&T did a security review of this application.  If you had
: > of the leading vendor tools you could have done a source code analysis
: > the code in php and prevent this from happening.   In the future,
: > like AT&T should consider reviewing their PHP code from both a white box
: > black box.  At a minimum, I would consider making sure there was proper
: > permissions on that file.   Personally, I would have written the
: > in a language that is a bit more secure like .NET or Java.
: > 
: > Matt
: > 
: > 
: > Matt Parsons, CISSP

What permissions would you suggest for /etc/passwd? 

Or more to the point, have you even used Unix before? 

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